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  Govinda Panthy

  Founder and Teacher

  SAV School

  Bhaktapur, Nepal





Govinda was brought up in a poor rural farmer’s family. With his parents’ support he began attending school at age 8. After grade 10 he had to leave his village for higher studies. Govinda moved to Kathmandu with his brother where he found a job to support himself. He taught in an English medium private school near Kathmandu then as a primary math teacher.


He found he couldn’t attend college classes and do his teaching job at the same time. In his  final year one of his friends from Bageshwori Village requested he start an English medium school in the village. People who were illiterate and poor were willing to help start a village school, but those who could send their children to the nearby town were not so positive. Under difficult conditions in this remote rural area of Nepal, narrow muddy or dusty roads, no bus transportation, Govinda persevered and started Shantideep Adarsh Vidhyasadan (SAV School) with 13 children of the village in 1996. Gradually the number of students has increased. SAV School now has 10 classrooms from Nursery to grade 6.


As Govinda explains: Running a school in a rural area is not a joke but a very challenging job.  At the same time he finds teaching fun. Fun because every student is curious to learn English and seek new things from their teacher, trying their best to follow their teacher. They are so obedient, curious, creative and hardworking. The challenge is they have limited resources. They don’t have enough learning materials like notepads, pens, crayons, or other reading materials. They even do not have comfortable classrooms and furniture. The school does not have the resources to provide food for the students. Some children go to school from 9 am to 4:30 only drinking water. Parents who are able, send some food for school time but some do not.



Govinda discovered My eCoach in 2010 and posted his first project, SAV School, Nepal. He also created SAV School, Nepal, Blog, posting photos and comments on the activities at his school.


My eCoach founder, Barbara Bray, has been so inspired and touched by Govinda’s work with children in rural Nepal that she has donated money to pay for a year’s Internet connectivity. If you wish to learn more and even offer assistance you may contact Govinda through his My eCoach projects or at savschool2000@yahool.com.

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