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Certificated eCoaches
Our Certficated eCoach program trains eCoaches to set up and manage their own eCoaching business. Our Certificated eCoach program is a perfect match for people who want to:
  • be their own boss
  • work a flexible schedule
  • have an online presence
  • make extra money their way
  • transfer their courses to online coaching programs
  • add coaching to presentations they have done several times
  • develop an online community with people from all over the world
  • work with a reputable group of coaches without having to start from scratch
  • want to be out on their own after working as a trainer or professional developer

Details About the eCoaching Business
A Certificated eCoach is more like an entrepreneur with an online storefront. As a Certificated eCoach, you operate your own business and dictate your own schedule and coaching focus. You work on a per contract basis for your clients and are considered an independent contractor for My eCoach. You have the helpful, ongoing support of My eCoach by:
  • helping you promote your eCoaching courses, workshops, events and teams
  • training you with learning styles, best practices and business strategies
  • providing marketing materials, talking points, and presentation materials
  • regular updates and coaching tips
  • the ability to attend Certificated eCoach conferences and recertification

  1. Contact us through the contact form and include a brief description of how you meet the requirements listed above.
  2. After we review your My eCoach skill set, we will determine if you have the prerequisites and entrepreneurial skills to be a Certificated eCoach.
  3. After being accepted, prospective Certificated eCoaches are recommended to attend an appropriate training based on skills and background.
  4. During training, participant membership access levels are changed to the ’Certificated eCoach’ level. Here participants are able to access the League Manager and have the ability to set up teams.
  5. Certificated eCoaches write a proposal to My eCoach for an idea for a team, including a price recommendation per user. Ideas include a team for new teachers, home school network, non-profit organization with active volunteers, parent clubs, etc.
  6. When the team proposal is approved by My eCoach staff, the team will be added to the My eCoach store. For each person who signs up in the My eCoach store, the Certificated eCoach receives the course fee - $10 per person - 15%.
    Fee a participant would pay to My eCoach for a $200 class: Certificated eCoach pays to My eCoach
    Certificated eCoach
    • $200
    • plus a one time fee of $35 for an Individual Lifetime Membership if participant is a new member.
    $0$161.50 per member

  7. The Certificated eCoach will receive regular reports of team memberships and payments based on sign ups.
  8. My eCoach will help promote your program in the My eCoach store, and in the My eCoach News and newsletters. You can utilize the additional marketing venues and suggestions taught in your training.

What does eCoach Certification Include?
eCoach Certification includes workshop training, 5 hours of virtual coaching, one-year of eCoach Certification, unlimited space in the My eCoach online community, member for one year in the Certificated eCoach team, full Certificated eCoach access to My eCoach, the right to use My eCoach marketing materials and copyrighted materials, venues to advertise upcoming workshops/courses/events in our rotating Bulletins and Upcoming Workshops section, listing under Certficated eCoach and Teams to Join sections, and help promoting programs on social networks, newsletters, advertising, and articles.

Training includes:
  • brainstorming vision and goals
  • prioritizing goals and benchmarks
  • creating timeline of activities
  • reviewing online facilitation skills
  • setting up league and team(s)
  • developing team pages
  • creating activities, surveys, blog, forum, and calendar
  • determining cost for team
  • designing promotional pages
  • scheduling launch and ongoing support
  • eCoaching business strategies
  • marketing strategies in and outside of My eCoach

There are two different Certificated eCoach levels: Advanced and Expert.

Advanced Level Prerequisites (3 day workshop for $750/per person)
  • being a My eCoach member for six months
  • having completed Basic eCoach training
  • creating and publishing at least one approved project with the Universal Builder that contains the following:
    • embedding a survey and at least one Web 2.0 program
    • properly cited or linked images on each page
    • at least one audio or video podcast
    • (if educator) appropriately matching standards
  • managing an online course or group using any program
Expert Level Prerequisites (2 day workshop for $500/per person)
  • all of the above plus
  • managing one or more teams over six months

If you do not have the basic prerequisites but would like to become a Certificated eCoach, please contact us to start your Basic eCoach Training today.

Not sure what level you are
We can help you determine what level best fits your needs by contacting us with a brief description of how you meet the requirements listed above. We will contact you with workshop details and dates.

Upcoming Workshops
"My eCoach® provides necessary follow-up support in order to maintain and stretch the campus cadre in the development of lessons and products aligned to state academic standards."

pictureDonna Pohl
Coordinator of Instructional Technology
ESC Region XV - San Angelo, TX

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