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Basic eCoach Training
Our Basic eCoach Training teaches mentors/trainers/coaches to be successful eCoaches. Our Basic eCoach Training is a perfect match for people who want to:
  • have an online presence
  • coach their organizations
  • transfer courses to online coaching programs 
  • add coaching to presentations they have done several times
  • develop an online community with people from all over the world
  • work with a reputable group of coaches without having to start from scratch
Our Basic eCoach Training is a great fit for:
  • anyone who is passionate about something
  • teachers, university faculty, and trainers
  • life, executive, or sports coaches
  • after-school and club leaders
  • senior center leaders
  • non-profit directors
  • business leaders
  • anyone retired

Details About Being an eCoach
An eCoach can be one of the following:
  • someone who has been assigned to be an eCoach by an organization who pays for their training and the team memberships
  • an eCoach member who would like to set up and pay for their own team and/or their team memberships.
  • a member who may not have a team yet but would like to learn basic eCoaching skills as the first step in eCoach Certification
An eCoach:
  • does not set up the team. My eCoach creates the team and provides the account code
  • has access to more features including eCoaching and reporting tools
  • has training and support from My eCoach staff or a Certificated eCoach
Expectations as an eCoach:
  • knows and uses most of the features in My eCoach
  • logs into My eCoach at least twice a week
  • showcases their team and examples of work in My eCoach
  • if they have a team, nudges team members using eCoaching tools

What does eCoach Basic Training Include?
The Basic eCoach Training is a four day face-to-face course or a six week online course that teaches you to be an online facilitator who can foster group engagement based on motivation to meet learning goals. Training includes at least 2 hours of virtual coaching depending on experience and skills, 100MB of space in the My eCoach online community, full eCoach access to My eCoach tools and features, and the right to use My eCoach resources and materials. eCoaches will learn about:
  • planning direction
  • learning best practices
  • prioritizing goals
  • creating timeline of activities
  • understanding adult learning
  • practicing online facilitation skills
  • developing team pages
  • creating activities, blog, forum, and calendar
  • how to add people to team
  • designing appropriate coaching strategies for a team
  • scheduling launch and ongoing support

Requirements and Skills
The minimum requirements to become an eCoach are:
  • be over 18 years of age
  • basic computer knowledge
  • experience using the Internet
  • have an Individual Lifetime or Team Membership to My eCoach
Recommended skills include
  • careful observation before reacting
  • empathy for diverse learners
  • active listening skills
  • sensitivity to overall group dynamics
  • background in design of online communities
  • how to foster engagement and determine motivation
  • courage to allow the group to move into areas where the facilitator may not feel comfortable
  • experience using social networks
Organizations can contact us for an on-site workshop customized for your program. If you are already an existing eCoach who has been through the Basic eCoach training, visit our Certificated eCoach Program to see if it may be an appropriate next step for you.


Comprehensive professional development integration, technology coaches/ integration specialists, virtual learning, and professional learning communities are just a few facets of My eCoach that are eligible for stimulus money through The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and other funding sources. Learn more...
"Research has borne out the potential for Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) as an aid to educators in support of each other, and, to improve the teaching and learning environment by modeling the self-organization and self-determination that are hallmarks of independent, lifelong learners. These characteristics help to reinforce the idea that everyone at school is both a teacher and a learner. My eCoach is the best tool of which I am aware that can support these self-organized, peer-learning groups.

Without question, My eCoach is a one-of-a-kind innovation that similar Open Source tools find difficult to approximate generally because there does not exist the same level of customer service. What My eCoach has made unique, no other has come close to creating the kind of safe, scaffolding environment of this system. Although a proprietary system, My eCoach is an "open environment" with the ability to integrate other school and district tools including Open Source tools."

pictureBernice Stafford
Educational Consultant
CILC - Carlsbad, California

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