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New Front Page

By Barbara Bray      May 25, 2007 -- 08:06 PM
My eCoach has a new look. The front page looks more like our online community and has links to new information. You can still login from this page and access our store and the community eLibrary with thousands of free resources. Some resources are archived and others will be repurposed and added to our eLibrary.

Please visit and let us know what you think!

My eCoach

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New Program in eCoach

By Barbara Bray      May 25, 2007 -- 07:27 PM
Starting in June, My eCoach will work with the Los Angeles USD Arts Education Program (AEB), CA.

My eCoach will support the AEB staff as they develop instructional guides for each discipline and grade level in eCoach: Dance, Theatre, Music, Visual Arts, and Media Arts. Teachers and community partners will develop lessons aligned to the guides. The online instructional guides will replace binders. Instead of binders with hundreds of pages of paper, there will be links, images, videos, and lesson aligned to standards and Arts big ideas.
Comments: 2   Last Comment By Dennis Imoto  September 16, 2008 -- 08:14 AM

Cross Curriculum Projects

By Barbara Bray      May 25, 2007 -- 07:17 PM
Pinellas County Schools, in Largo, Florida is planning this coming year the Pinellas science project will be expanding to add more teachers. This past year 38 eMentors ...   more...
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Example Communities continuing next year

By Barbara Bray      May 25, 2007 -- 07:11 PM
The New Teacher Center (UCSC), CA: adding more principal candidates across seven regions using the customized Individual Development Plan (IDP) builder. This year some will be providing evidence on their ePortfolios.

San Diego County of Education Leadership Services, CA: adding another 200 administrators as part of the required AB 430 training required for their admin clear credential. The program is growing beyond their county.

eMINTS eCoach Program, MO: continuing into their fourth year with Veteran eMINTS teachers using eCoach. eMINTS just received funding for 100 new eMINTS classrooms ...   more...
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Create and Link Quizzes

By Barbara Bray      May 17, 2007 -- 08:28 AM
Now when you create a project for your students, add a link to a quiz that you create using the Quiz tool. Many of our members were creating their quizzes in word and uploading them so they werenít interactive.  You will be able to pull up each respondentís quiz and find the percentages answering specific questions. This is data you can really use right away that will help you design the next quiz. Itís easy!
  1. Title the quiz with a description.
  2. Customize it with a logo.
  3. Invite another eCoach member as a co-author.
  4. Add as many questions as you would like before publishing. A comment box ...   more...
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How do you know it's working?

By Barbara Bray      May 2, 2007 -- 11:22 AM
As a teacher or administrator, you may be asking yourself: how do you know this lesson or new activity or program is working and really making a difference for kids. A simple method is to put together a survey and ask the questions that will help you find these answers.

What do you want to know?
  • How many of your 5th grade boys have Internet at home?
  • How many of your middle school girls are worried about bullying and chat online?
  • How many students are home after-school alone and have Internet access?
  • How many of your veteran teachers (5+ years in the profession) use email daily and blog?
These may not ...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By Sydney  March 3, 2009 -- 03:16 AM