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My eCoach Facebook Share Place

By Barbara Bray      November 21, 2008 -- 03:13 PM
We set up a place in Facebook to promote projects, programs, or events that you may be doing in My eCoach. Why did we do this?

You are doing so many wonderful things in eCoach that people may not know about. We feature projects that have been reviewed and submitted to the eLibrary. We spotlight resources that have been shared in the eLibrary. We write about programs that eCoaches tell us about. The best way for us to share is if everyone shares. Facebook is a social networking program that encourages people to connect. We have some of these features but ours are different.

We invite you to join ...   more...
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Ongoing Programs and Projects

By Barbara Bray      November 21, 2008 -- 12:31 PM
San Diego County Office of Education’s Leadership Services continues to provide AB 430 training for California principals. Melissa Hunt, Director, with the support of eCoaches Cynthia Sistek-Chandler and Ward Smith, set up one leadership team for over 400 principals who have participated in the training.

Stanford University’s Bay Area Foreign Language Program (BAFLP) with support from their eCoach Marcelo Leal has set up five more teams including BAFLP Leaders, an ELD Strand, and Mandarin Strand. Example project from Kathleen Rooney:
Ideas for Incorporating Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom....   more...
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Class Teams in eCoach

By Barbara Bray      November 21, 2008 -- 10:47 AM
We are working tirelessly to meet your requests. The main request is to allow students into eCoach. We are setting up a program where teachers can become eTeachers and set up a class team with up to 40 spaces for your students. Students will have access to all of the features in eCoach as long as the class meets. Then students will become free members with limited access. We are reviewing costs, training, and coaching. We welcome your ideas and comments.

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Changes and Updates in eCoach to Date

By Barbara Bray      November 20, 2008 -- 07:29 PM
Left Navigation
The left navigation has been changed and streamlined. My Community is where you can find Certificated eCoaches and other community resources. This is where you can find events, conversations, your teams if you are on any teams. The Message Center is the glue that connects all the features and people in eCoach.

My Locker is where all of your work is stored. We moved My Locker next because some eCoach members were going to My Toolkit that used to be in this area to start new blogs instead of adding posts to the blog they started. We encourage everyone to check their work first ...   more...
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WOW Interview

By Barbara Bray      November 20, 2008 -- 06:45 PM

Barbara was interviewed on EdTechTalk's Women of the Web (WOW) show on November 11th by Sharon Peters, Jennifer Wagner, and Cheri Toledo. There were several chat rooms going (one on WOW and one in eCoach). Barbara shared information about My eCoach, Web 2.0 tools, and the benefits of collaboration. Check out her interview and all the other exciting interviews by these wonderful women of the web.

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Are you a Librarian or Media Specialist?

By Barbara Bray      November 20, 2008 -- 06:41 PM
There are many librarians in My eCoach who may not be aware of our Universal builder and how easy it is to create and maintain a website for their library. We started a library website template that can be cloned and customized to fit your needs. We added loads of resources and plan to keep working on it regularly.

School Library Website Template

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Video Welcome

By Barbara Bray      November 12, 2008 -- 09:16 PM
We have been looking at different video capture tools and Web 2.0 tools to create mini-video tutorials. We also wanted to capture us talking to you via the webcam. I use the built-in iSight camera on my Macbook. I love the video chat that I use with my new granddaughter. Just found a great program that lets you record with the iSight camera: Conference Recorder v. 2.13.

So here’s a quick welcome in a corner of my living room. What was weird is the video was flipped so when I pointed to one side of the screen, it showed up pointing to the wrong side. Here’s a video without any pointing.

Welcome to My eCoach...   more...
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