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Tip: Embed Webpages within your Universal Builder Project

By Sara Zimmerman      March 24, 2010 -- 03:02 PM
You can have outside website appear right in your Universal Builder page. Using an iframe in a label allows you to embed code into the embed box on the Universal Builder page or a tab in the team pages. Insert code like:

You cannot use iframe code with the text editor. Above is a screen capture of the code. We cannot put the exact code in this text editor for you. So here is the code without the brackets <> that you can copy, replace the URL, add the brackets, and then paste the code into the embed box.

bracket iframe width="100%" height="200" align="middle" src="   more...
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My Notes Feature on Teams

By Barbara Bray      March 19, 2010 -- 07:10 AM
Now when you are on any team in My eCoach, you have your own personal notes tab to store files, reflect, keep notes about work on the team, and whatever else you might need while you are on that team.

Click My Notes and then click Add Notes Now.

You will then get a pop-up window to work on your notes that you can use with any of the tabs on your team.

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ePortfolio Process Team

By Sara Zimmerman      March 1, 2010 -- 02:30 PM
Instructions for developing a successful online portfolio

An ePortfolio is a collection of evidence drawn from a digital file cabinet that represents what a person or organization has learned over time. In this ePortfolio Process you will be following these steps:
  • Collect 
  • Plan
  • Create
  • Reflect
  • Publish
  • Promote

Throughout this process, you will have several eCoaches and other members to connect, share, and learn what works for your ePortfolio. There are multiple templates and themes to choose from along with examples, resources, and research. My eCoach members ...   more...
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New: Follow your team forum

By Sara Zimmerman      March 1, 2010 -- 10:07 AM
If you are on any teams in My eCoach, you probably are using the forums for threaded conversations. We now have a way for you to follow specific topics and receive an email notification if anyone adds a post or comment to that topic. Following is the default.

To check or change your options for following any of your forum topics, go to either your team by
or to My Community on the left navigation to Forums where your team forums will be at the bottom. You can see the number of posts and last date of any posts.
Click on the forum and you can see if you are following that topic or ...   more...
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