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Winners of April's Teacher's Contest

By Sara Zimmerman      May 21, 2010 -- 08:32 AM
Why do you love to teach? We asked teachers to tell us in 250 words or less what excites them to teach. The three winners' names and answers are:

  • "I love teaching because I can make a difference in the life of a child. If I can bring a smile to a child's face, I consider myself successful, especially if that child was not easy to smile before you met her. I love teaching because it gives me the opportunity to reinvent myself on behalf of children who need my help in discovering the world. I love teaching because it brings hope to humanity when I can inspire a child to not throw garbage on ...   more...
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Check out Some eCoaching Tools

By Barbara Bray      May 20, 2010 -- 08:59 AM
My eCoach offers lots of tools and many of them are not as conspicuous for members. If you are on a team and have an eCoach, your eCoach can provide you ongoing feedback and support to help you meet your learning goals.

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)
Members can create an ILP about a specific goal. The power of the ILPs are how they are interactive and allow feedback.
ILPs were created to put in one goal with where you are currently and where you want to be by a specific time. You can add 5 steps and concerns. To know if you are doing this right, you can request for feedback ...   more...
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Customize Look and Feel

By Barbara Bray      May 18, 2010 -- 08:44 AM
When you login to My eCoach, you can change what you see and how My eCoach looks and feels. After you login, go to the inbox at the top right or your profile.

After you click Settings, click on Look and Feel.

This will open some new looks and themes that you can choose from. The default is the teal theme that you were assigned when you first join My eCoach. I had changed my look to an olive green theme. Thought it was time to change it to a more neutral color.
Scroll through all the different themes and choose another theme. Then choose if you want to keep the icons or not.
Then ...   more...
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