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Daily Writing Activities

By Sara Zimmerman      July 23, 2010 -- 10:25 AM
Activities for student writing improvement

Writing Fix Logo
One of the best ways to encourage your students to write is to add writing as part of their daily routine. One way to do this is to have your students keep a daily journal. Another option is to follow a writing prompt, such as those on these sites:
  • Go to Writing Fix and have your students click the daily writing prompt, copy it, and then write to the prompt.
  • Go to Daily Writing Prompts and have students go to the calendar for each day. Have them use the prompt and write to that
  • Daily Grammar blog offers short lessons that you can have your ...   more...
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Educational News, Grants and Updates

By Sara Zimmerman      July 23, 2010 -- 10:24 AM
Noteworthy updates from the educational community


Other News
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July's Featured Projects & eLibrary Spotlights

By Sara Zimmerman      July 23, 2010 -- 10:22 AM
Featured Projects
eLibrary SpotlightsEdible Schoolyeard Project
We look for resources and projects that go the extra mile. Featured Projects are authored by one or more My eCoach members. They have multiple activities, images, resources, links, embedded files, standards, and more. When you login to My eCoach and visit eLibrary Spotlights in the eLibrary or from your Home, ...   more...
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Useful Posts for Educators and Coaches

By Sara Zimmerman      July 23, 2010 -- 10:21 AM
If you are setting up or participating in an online community, training, or coaching program, follow the blog by Barbara Bray, My eCoach's CEO. Bray writes a regular column on professional development for the OnCue Journal, is a Learning Strategist, and has been involved in coaching and mentoring in numerous organizations around the world. Here's quick links to the latest three posts:
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Summer Resources

By Sara Zimmerman      July 23, 2010 -- 10:20 AM
Making summer fun and interesting for teachers and students:    more...
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Interactive Whiteboard Basics

By Sara Zimmerman      July 21, 2010 -- 04:33 PM
Interactive whiteboards are now used on the computer as way to extend learning with your students. There are a few basics that teachers and students need to know when they can use an interactive whiteboard. These tips were adapted from Smart Board Basics:
  1. Calibrate your interactive whiteboard.
    • Turn on your interactive whiteboard and press the keyboard and right mouse click mouse button together. This will start the calibration tool.
    • Pick up one of the pens, press it against the middle of the target that appears on your board, and release. Repeat this procedure
...   more...
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