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Professional Development and Web 2.0

By Barbara Bray      June 27, 2009 -- 06:45 AM
I am sitting with a group of technology integration specialists and professional developers at the Edublogger Con 09 at NECC. First question from Darren Draper was how many of you set up a backchannel at your school.

Liz Davis was hoping are what are some out of the box ideas. What would PD look like if you could envision it in the future?

Boot Camps
Time for Reflection
Teacher Researchers
Building Backchannels

Time - build more time  - Liz shared that independent schools have freedom - and can build this into the schedule. Jeff - you ...   more...
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Trying to define community

By Barbara Bray      January 11, 2008 -- 08:00 AM
I find myself in so many different communities that I am not sure what or how you define what a community is. Maybe there are multiple types of communities depending on the purpose and shared vision of the members of that community. I created a presentation about purpose (Learning Communities for Different Purposes) and plan to keep adding to it. Pretty soon, there’ll be more co-authors adding content about different communities, purposes, etc.

Purpose is important but there are many communities that are just floundering without participation.

My family is my main community. I always touch base ...   more...
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The Unlearning Curve

By Barbara Bray      December 8, 2007 -- 09:33 AM
Just read Will Richardson’s blog post "Unlearning Curve" and the 10 things to unlearn. I truncated his list so please go to his blog to read his full list. Some things from his list that you might want to think about: We need to unlearn
  • that we are the sole content experts in the classroom...

  • the premise that we know more than our kids...

  • that every student needs to learn the same content and at the same pace..

  • our fear of putting ourselves and our students “out there” ...

  • that we continually have to block and filter access to the sites and experiences they need our help to navigate.

  • the ...   more...

Comments: 1   Last Comment By Kathleen Scott Meske  January 3, 2008 -- 11:31 AM

Some fun blabbering

By Barbara Bray      December 5, 2007 -- 07:06 PM
How about Blabberizing your pictures?

Over the holidays, you might want to have some fun. How about Blabberizing your pictures? Blabberize is a free program that lets your pictures talk.

Upload a Picture for your Blabber

Generally you want to pick a picture where you can see a person, animal, or picture of someone or something facing the camera with their mouth closed. As that has gives the best results but feel free to experiment! ...   more...

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Social Networking or Self-Promotion

By Barbara Bray      November 27, 2007 -- 09:00 AM
How many of you post to your blog regularly? Do you put your blog on Technorati or have RSS? Are people commenting on your posts?

I read Steve Dembo’s post this morning Self-Promotion: Where do you draw the line? and it got me thinking. Why do many of the EdTech world blog?

Since funding cycles have changed, the educational technology world is struggling. There is not as much money going around for many of the same people. So Web 2.0 tools (most free) give you an opportunity to publish, share, give your opinions, comment on others, link to and from, and even embed in your blog. Because the power ...   more...
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Web 2.0 Features

By Barbara Bray      November 2, 2006 -- 02:40 PM
Technorati to find blogs about themes, topics, keywords. Another engine is that not only lists blogs it also give the trends with how many entries that were entered on a certain day (Trend This). Many times people take quotes from your blog but they may not ask permission or leave a comment. You can search for your name and see who cites you.

Blogging is about conversations - reading what others say and then quoting others and growing knowledge together.

pm...   more...
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Web 2.0 and Education

By Barbara Bray      October 26, 2006 -- 12:06 PM
Web 2.0 connects people and harnesses collective intelligence. There are no boundaries. It is a platform that delivers a service where customers use a specialized database. Google is a good example of Web 2.0 - much like a phone call, which happens not just on the phones at either end of the call, but on the network in between. Google happens in the space between browser and search engine and destination content server, as an enabler or middleman between the user and his or her online experience.

The Web 2.0 lesson is to "leverage customer self-service and algorithmic data management to reach ...   more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By small Tonya Herron  November 1, 2006 -- 11:47 AM

What is Web 2.0?

By Barbara Bray      October 19, 2006 -- 03:07 PM
Dion HinchCliffe shared something I want to share with you: "It sounds like the Cluetrain Manifesto all over again. Well, it kinda is. Except that it’s actually happening today all over the place and you can use it now (see BaseCamp, BackPack,, Flickr, Kiko, DropCash, Meebo, AjaxOffice, Bindows and dozens of others if you’re not sure.)" He created a visual map of Web 2.0 you may find interesting and a mashup ecosystem of Web 2.0.

Tim O’Reilly’s essay “What Is Web 2.0.” offers a good explanation. He provides a “compact” definition of “Web 2.0” on his blog and goo...   more...
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