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Women in Art

By Barbara Bray      May 28, 2007 -- 07:31 AM
When I saw this video, I wanted to share it with you. Watch the eyes - listen to the music and you will be mesmerized for a few minutes.

500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art

Have your students watch this as a prompt to discuss art history. Do you think this will engage your students? What kind of activities do you see branching from this? What kind of questions will you and your students ask?

URL of this video on YouTube and links to more work by this author
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Change? Future? What are we really talking about?

By Barbara Bray      May 27, 2007 -- 08:28 AM
In some classrooms around the country technology changes the way teachers interact with students.

Isnít this still using traditional methods? Okay - there are laptop classrooms with one-to-one initiatives. Students are in groups doing collaborative work. Thatís cool! But are we tapping into the way technology is changing everything else in our world?

How about looking at what students are doing now? Our college, high school, and middle school students are using social networks like MySpace and FaceBook. Iíve talked to my niece who txt msgs and has more social time in FaceBook with ...   more...
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Technology and Culture

By Barbara Bray      May 25, 2007 -- 08:53 PM
So this is the theme for my next article. Decided to brainstorm here and figured that I might get some ideas from you.

The world is smaller now than it ever has been. And flat... You can produce your own books, publish your writings, and connect with a student in India as your tutor. mmmm... culture? What does that mean now?

So more people speak English but now more people in China speak in their first language on the Internet. How do we connect with each other? Do all of our communications go through a translation program first?

With the discussion of digital immigrants vs digital natives, I started ...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By Andrew Reid  August 4, 2007 -- 01:34 AM

future classrooms?

By Barbara Bray      May 15, 2007 -- 10:59 AM
I was looking for information on active boards and was sent some information about multi-user multi-touch screens. Then found several presentations by Jeff Han on his multi-user technology. Too cool so have  to share:

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Are you a Change Agent?

By Barbara Bray      May 11, 2007 -- 09:00 AM
Technology specialists and coordinators are finding that their jobs are becoming tentative - even librarians are losing hold in some districts - especially in California. So what Iím seeing are more tech people in districts, regional centers, state departments around the country are finding ways to recreate new positions for themselves. Many are creating courses that are hosted on their own servers - blogging with other techies - using Web 2.0 tools. Social networking is cool! Are we using them the right way?

I have been talking ...   more...
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rethought the title

By Barbara Bray      May 7, 2007 -- 08:26 AM
I keep rethinking what learning is all about - so thought - why not change the title of this blog? I know that my focus is on professional development but I think professional development needs to change to reflect learning for students and teachers and administrators and parents and... everyone.

This digital landscape is affecting every facet of our lives especially learning. Iím putting this out there to shake things up - do we need schools? At least the schools we have today?

I read Marc Prenskyís article in Educational Leadership "Listen to the Natives" and see this with people under 25. ...   more...
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