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Is Twitter making Blogging Obsolete?

By Barbara Bray      June 27, 2009 -- 11:16 AM
Are more people coming to your blog via Twitter? Twitter is more of a conversation aggregator. aggregates a connected stream of twitter conversations about your blog post.

I am trying to follow the conversations about this session at EduBlogger Con 09 about Twitter vs Blogging. Iím going to come back and try to make the conversations flow smoother.

Why do you blog? What are you trying to flush out (beginning - middle and end)? You can do this with a blog where with a twitter gets people to learn about your blog. 140 characters is just not enough to reflect on your blog. Twitter actually ...   more...
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Professional Development and Web 2.0

By Barbara Bray      June 27, 2009 -- 06:45 AM
I am sitting with a group of technology integration specialists and professional developers at the Edublogger Con 09 at NECC. First question from Darren Draper was how many of you set up a backchannel at your school.

Liz Davis was hoping are what are some out of the box ideas. What would PD look like if you could envision it in the future?

Boot Camps
Time for Reflection
Teacher Researchers
Building Backchannels

Time - build more time  - Liz shared that independent schools have freedom - and can build this into the schedule. Jeff - you ...   more...
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Encouraging and Empowering Sharing

By Barbara Bray      June 16, 2009 -- 09:47 AM
The new web and social media encourages sharing. Should sharing be by default? When you upload something to Twitter,, or Facebook, you are sharing. But what about anything you post anywhere on the web? I read Wes Fryerís blog and it made me think about sharing.

Hereís a video from Creative Commons Wes shared:

If you use a Creative Commons license on anything you pose, then you are sharing and explaining how others can use your materials. You determine the type of license.

Is this enough for you? I encourage sharing, posting, collaboration. Yet, there still needs to be a secure ...   more...
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Raising Aspirations

By Barbara Bray      June 13, 2009 -- 09:22 AM
School Matters - Raising Aspirations

Prime Minister Gordon Brown shares case studies on the importance of raising the achievements of school children. The video looks at the challenges of closing the achievement gap between the rich and poor with examples like KIPP schools.

Do small schools make the difference? How do we keep small schools in the public school system with the budget constraints?

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