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Blogging about Yourself

By Barbara Bray      September 25, 2007 -- 09:14 AM
Konrad Glogowski shared a post "Learning to be Myself" on his blog of proximal development that I recommend teachers to read who want to blog with their students. He starts out "If education is essentially a social process, then the teacher needs to be part of the learning community, not only as its facilitator but also as one of its members."

The blog he uses with his 8th grade students is all about him and how he relates to the curriculum. The title is not just his name but something catchy and he thought about for some time. He created an avatar and description that represents him and  ...   more...
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What would you do?

By Barbara Bray      August 26, 2007 -- 11:29 AM
If you had a problem like this, how would your students handle it? Multiple choice question or authentic tasks?

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Reflecting on the Process

By Barbara Bray      July 22, 2007 -- 08:40 PM
The process of learning is more important than the culminating activity or providing the right answers. How can we connect students to the real world? How can we create a school environment that allows enough time for reflections?

Will Richardson envisions that change isnít just the ability of students to publish, but to connect, reflect, and be able to continue the life-long skill of reflection long after the class or assignment is over.  He states:

ďThrough teaching them to use these tools to publish, are we also teaching them how to use these tools to continue the learning once ...   more...

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New Learning Theory?

By Barbara Bray      July 16, 2007 -- 08:25 AM
One learning theory may not be enough for todayís kids. Schools are changing - especially public schools. I was advocating Constructivism as the theory of choice - learning for a purpose until I thought about kids today with video games. There usually isnít a product yet the learning is exponential, interactive, and collaborative. Where does that fit with pedagogy and learning theories?

Constructivism suggests that learners create knowledge as they attempt ...   more...
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Do we need teachers?

By Barbara Bray      July 8, 2007 -- 08:38 AM
This question is appearing in the blogosphere and I need to jump in.

Dean Shareski wrote The Honeymoonís Over  where the debate is on about putting technology into every childís hands. He references:
You have to read all the posts and comments (dig deep) to get the points:

Gary comments on the $100 laptop for Nigerian students:

Get schools entirely out of the computer business and give ...   more...
Comments: 4   Last Comment By Erin Elliott  August 7, 2007 -- 04:52 PM

Hidden Talent

By Barbara Bray      June 30, 2007 -- 09:11 PM
Listen! Enjoy! Paul Potts singing opera on British Idol. Amazing!

I believe that talent like this is more than a gift. Brings tears to my eyes!    more...
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Women of the Web (WoW) Podcasting

By Barbara Bray      June 26, 2007 -- 06:42 PM
The night is getting dark in a deserted convention center (at NECC) - surreal with some of the audience listening in the Second Life room and Roxanne, Janice, and I listening to the ongoing podcast as it was happening ( Kind of weird just sitting a few feet away trying to listen with it delayed. Members of the audience shared their highlights of NECC. Ian Jukes presentation, the panel with David Warlick, Gwen Solomon, et al, and the main points were the connections and the people. So fun! I was lucky to add something on kids and podcasting.

Comments: 3   Last Comment By small Teresa Roebuck  January 13, 2010 -- 07:34 PM

Edubloggercon - Preconference NECC 07

By Barbara Bray      June 23, 2007 -- 01:05 PM
The Unconference met on Saturday, June 23rd. Connecting face-to-face meeting the people you read. Wow! Steve Dembo wrote on Teach42 In Retrospect
"EdubloggerCon has come and gone adn to say it was a succes would be an undedrstatement. The networking alone made it a success, but it was the conversations that are going to stick with me." 

I was only able to attend after 3pm - however, want to share the
sessions and networking that happened thanks to Steve Hargadon and so many others.

Session Block 1:

Expanding the Circle: (Steve Hargadon) Brainstormed ways to introduce educators ...   more...
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Remembering with a little humor

By Barbara Bray      June 17, 2007 -- 11:57 AM
Iím dealing with something that is so new to me and realize Iím not the only one dealing wit this. Iím kind of caught in the middle - a new middle. My father has Alzheimers and Iím at that age where I forget where I put my keys. My kids are on their own but still need us. Being a baby boomer is boomeranging so hereís a fun video on remembering.

Comments: 1   Last Comment By lifelonglearner  June 17, 2007 -- 12:44 PM

Women in Art

By Barbara Bray      May 28, 2007 -- 07:31 AM
When I saw this video, I wanted to share it with you. Watch the eyes - listen to the music and you will be mesmerized for a few minutes.

500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art

Have your students watch this as a prompt to discuss art history. Do you think this will engage your students? What kind of activities do you see branching from this? What kind of questions will you and your students ask?

URL of this video on YouTube and links to more work by this author
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