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Online communities help me connect

By Barbara Bray      December 26, 2006 -- 09:29 AM
During the holidays, it is good to take time for yourself - maybe read - reflect. With the new year on its way, you may want to write yourself some resolutions. I do the same ones every year - diet, exercise, more time with my family. I love playing games. We played lots of Texas Hold ’em, went to the movies, read, talked. Nothing like family. But here I am again, writing in my blog when the family sleeps.

I have connections with you, my online community. Something draws me to you. I find exciting resources online that I want to share. It’s cool when you share. I learn about new ways to teach ...   more...
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Defining Collaboration

By Barbara Bray      December 7, 2006 -- 08:19 AM
I came across Tom Haskin’s blog Grow Change Learn and his post the four phases of collaboration. He writes that it is human nature for strangers to come together one step at a time. Some people never realize the full potential of a collaborative relationship. He mentions Web 3.0 that I wrote about in the previous post. Web 3.0 is the idea of building collaborative communities.

Read his post and please share your thoughts about collaboration.

Comments: 3   Last Comment By small Russ Knopp  December 26, 2006 -- 01:09 PM

Communities and Collaboration

By Barbara Bray      December 4, 2006 -- 09:40 PM
If people collaborate are they part of a community? Are several different types of collaborations mean building community?

There are different types of communities and collaborations. Everything seems to be based on how members of communities collaborate or if they collaborate. Some example collaborations:

  • A person starts a document in Google docs ...   more...
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Web 2.0 Features

By Barbara Bray      November 2, 2006 -- 02:40 PM
Technorati to find blogs about themes, topics, keywords. Another engine is that not only lists blogs it also give the trends with how many entries that were entered on a certain day (Trend This). Many times people take quotes from your blog but they may not ask permission or leave a comment. You can search for your name and see who cites you.

Blogging is about conversations - reading what others say and then quoting others and growing knowledge together.

pm...   more...
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Web 2.0 and Education

By Barbara Bray      October 26, 2006 -- 12:06 PM
Web 2.0 connects people and harnesses collective intelligence. There are no boundaries. It is a platform that delivers a service where customers use a specialized database. Google is a good example of Web 2.0 - much like a phone call, which happens not just on the phones at either end of the call, but on the network in between. Google happens in the space between browser and search engine and destination content server, as an enabler or middleman between the user and his or her online experience.

The Web 2.0 lesson is to "leverage customer self-service and algorithmic data management to reach ...   more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By small Tonya Herron  November 1, 2006 -- 11:47 AM

What is Web 2.0?

By Barbara Bray      October 19, 2006 -- 03:07 PM
Dion HinchCliffe shared something I want to share with you: "It sounds like the Cluetrain Manifesto all over again. Well, it kinda is. Except that it’s actually happening today all over the place and you can use it now (see BaseCamp, BackPack,, Flickr, Kiko, DropCash, Meebo, AjaxOffice, Bindows and dozens of others if you’re not sure.)" He created a visual map of Web 2.0 you may find interesting and a mashup ecosystem of Web 2.0.

Tim O’Reilly’s essay “What Is Web 2.0.” offers a good explanation. He provides a “compact” definition of “Web 2.0” on his blog and goo...   more...
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Focus on Community

By Barbara Bray      September 10, 2006 -- 07:31 AM
What does community mean? How do you build an online community that is not just a social network? Why do people need an online community that is a safe environment. What do I mean by safe?

A place
  • to take risks without being judged or punished
  • to ask any type of question and not worry if it is the right or wrong question
  • where there is someone to help you - just-in-time instead of just-in-case
  • to upload materials that only the people you want can have access to them
  • where you can create different types of resources and provide different levels of access
When I first shared the ide...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By small Patty Palmer  September 19, 2006 -- 02:51 PM

Copyright and Online Learning Communities

By Barbara Bray      June 1, 2006 -- 09:04 AM
Copyright in education seems obvious but there are so many issues that cloud what is legal and ethical. Teachers need to consider four issues when determining if a work is allowed under the principles of fair use:
  • the purpose and character of the use,
  • the nature of the copyrighted work,
  • the amount and substantiality of the portion to be used, and
  • the effect of the use upon the potential market.
Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 110 (2) of the Copyright Act (2002) referred to as the Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act, provides guidance for educators.

I have worked with ...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By Barbara Weintraub  August 14, 2006 -- 03:25 PM

Lesson Study Teams

By Barbara Bray      February 24, 2006 -- 12:23 PM
Have you thought of using My eCoach for Lesson Study?
More and more of you are forming collaborative teams and sharing ideas about how you would teach to this standard or how to meet this student’s learning style. The dialog is becoming so rich that I am thinking that our learning community is becoming something different than what we first thought.

What is Lesson Study?
Lesson Study is a form of professional development that breaks a tradition of isolation in education ...   more...
Comments: 3   Last Comment By small Barbara Bray  December 21, 2006 -- 07:02 AM

Changing School Structure and Culture

By Barbara Bray      February 12, 2006 -- 10:26 AM
I just returned from NCCE in Portland and was thinking about a few things we discussed.

In Washington state, each high school freshman student is assigned a teacher and put on a team with 19 other freshmen where the teacher is their coach throughout their high school years to help them build their portfolio and the culminating senior project. Teachers have one meeting a month with their team of students on top of their regular teaching schedule. I talked to a few teachers from Washignton but I may not have all the information clear about this program.

The idea of each teacher being a counsel...   more...
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