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New Professional Learning Communities Standards

By Barbara Bray      November 11, 2005 -- 02:03 PM
My eCoach team review literature and research on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). We needed standards for PLCs to help the eCoaches as they develop their own learning communities. We have copyrighted these and plan to include these in our standards database. However, before we include these in our database, we want to make sure we are going in the right direction. Please give us feedback or suggestions. Thanks!

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Standards (2005)

I. Supportive Environment The PLC provides an environment that supports all learners within the community.

Ia. ...   more...
Comments: 3   Last Comment By small Sheri Barker  August 4, 2006 -- 09:00 AM

Defining Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

By Barbara Bray      October 19, 2005 -- 02:34 PM
What is a PLC?

A Professional Learning Community (PLC) is comprised of people (teachers, para-professionals, administrators, and other community members) who collectively examine and collaboratively work to improve teaching practice. A PLC can but does not have to be situated in one school or district. With the ability to work online from anywhere at anytime, members of the community can connect, find others with similar interests, study and review existing teaching practice, and do action research to improve teaching and learning.

Being a teacher is challenging work and can be isolating. ...   more...
Comments: 6   Last Comment By angelica laurencon  August 9, 2010 -- 05:02 AM

Online Collaboration

By Barbara Bray      June 21, 2005 -- 03:36 AM
My eCoach Online is still a pretty new program  - however, we are being approached by different groups to build collaborative projects for teachers and students. This is pretty big! Adding students means security issues and management issues for teachers. We want to do this right so we are going slowly- planning with the help of our development partners.

We want to see teachers from different states and countries share ideas and resources - possibly co-author projects. There are online programs that provide existing collaborative projects. Many are great!

Which ones work for you?
Do ...   more...
Comments: 6   Last Comment By small Barbara Bray  August 31, 2006 -- 02:41 PM

Encouraging Participation

By Barbara Bray      June 21, 2005 -- 03:22 AM
So you built an online course or have a team in My eCoach Online - how do you encourage teachers to login, share ideas, and collaborate?

We built My eCoach Online as a Professional Learning Community focusing on the coaching and mentoring model. However, many teachers are used to the traditional lecture model. Many of us were taught in a traditional lecture mode  providing a syllabus with a timeline of due dates. We only know what we know. Very few of us participated in a coaching situation during our own school situations. We did whatever our teacher asked us to do.

The coaching model ...   more...
Comments: 8   Last Comment By small Barbara Bray  July 16, 2006 -- 01:53 PM

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