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Tip: Online Teaching Tips
By Sara Zimmerman    January 26, 2011 -- 03:01 PM

Teaching online can work even if you have only taught face-to-face. The first few times you set up an online class, you may wonder if your students are listening or even present. Here's some tips that might help you manage your online class:

  • Take roll: If you are using webconferencing tools, you can see Online Teaching Tipswho is online. However, many of your students may not use their names for their login. You can set up a discussion board called "Roll Call [date]" with your students responding "I'm here".
  • Protocol for Webconferencing: Tell your students to use their first and last name as their login for webconferencing. This way you see who is online.
  • Parking Lot: Set up a "Parking Lot" where anyone can ask general questions or needs and gots.
  • Go over Syllabus: Post your syllabus and review it on the first session. Make sure you ask for any questions. Someone may ask a question that someone was afraid to ask.
  • To-Do List: Start each session or module with a To-Do list so students have clear directions on what is expected of them for that session. This should also include any materials they might need.
  • Establish Rules and Expectations: List clear expections on when to turn in assignments, due dates, when feedback or posts are due. Send a message to students a week before the beginning of your course with any rules or expectations and materials they may need for the course.
  • Private Office: Create a private area or office for your students to communicate with you on confidential matters instead of email. You want to have ongoing documentation of your conversations with your students.
  • Guidelines Posted: Create a clear detailed area on your site of student expectations, rules, and policies. This document addresses the policy on late work, how to get technical help, netiquette, the flexibility and mobility of online learning, and technical requirements.Post a downloadable copy for students to access.
  • Use online tools: Whatever system you are using, try to keep track of your students, use online tests, rubrics, and dropboxes to increase your efficiency. Your course can be setup in Moodle or other LMS programs. You can set up an online community using My eCoach, wikis, or Ning. Look at using Web 2.0 tools like Google Docs, Scribd, SlideShare and webconferencing programs like Elluminate or WiziQ.
  • Set up a routine: Set a regular schedule to go to your online courses to check postings from your students. Set up office time for students to schedule time with you. Add a calendar to your course so students are aware of when you are available.

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