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Getting Ready for Expo
By Sara Zimmerman    January 26, 2011 -- 03:03 PM

 Madison students on netbookThe My eCoach team and the Oakland USD Instructional Technology team are working together to support Madison Middle School teachers. Language Arts and History teachers and students are preparing for their exposition Thursday, January 27. Students worked collaboratively and used their netbooks to research and design their posters and presentations. Two of the project-based activities include 8th grade students creating songs and skits about the pros and cons of the Bill of Rights amendments and 6th grade students selling their tour to their Egyptian city as Ancient Egyptian Travel Agents. Parents and members from the school community are going to visit while students share these projects and "I am From" poems, their Chinese Inventions, the writing process, and more.

Categories: "Oakland" "Expo" "Netbooks"

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