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Going Online
By Barbara Bray    December 6, 2006 -- 08:24 AM

Imagine what would happen if a terrorist organization and or pandemic outbreak disrupted an entire county or city school district, forcing schools and area college campuses to close indefinitely? Where would the teachers and professor go to teach and where would the students go to learn?

These questions are from an article from the Courier Post titled "Schools must learn to use Internet to quickly recover from disaster." They write "...that less than 1 percent of K-12 teachers have ever taught online or received any training on how to teach online, and most universities and colleges teach less than 5 percent of their courses online."

Are we able to create an online environment for teachers and students if their school is gone? How can teachers collaborate online and develop and meet their learning goals as part of their own professional development? Web 2.0 tools provide opportunities to connect and reflect. Found some blogs with some concerns about Web 2.0 as community tools.

Here’s an interview with Tim O’Reilly who coined the term Web 2.0 and now talks about trust networks using OpenSource software. He mentions concerns I also have about how companies are using the ranking tools in Google and digg to increase their rankings.

Ewan McIntosh mentions LeWeb3 on his blog.  There’s a lot of talk of a Web 2.0 bubble and moving toward social networking communities. Have communities replaced the media? Will MyBloglog help you keep track of your community?

So you create a blog or wiki. You link to other blogs - track your blog with
Technorati to see who links to you. Because you link to others and others link to you, is this your community? Your tags grab other tags that connect your saved websites. Is this a community?  You take an online course using Bb or Moodle but when the course ends, you don't come back. Is this a community?

I started this post with an article and question about going online. What I am finding is that a blended environment needs to begin while there is a real school. Starting an online community without meeting face-to-face and understanding how everything works is very difficult. Each member of the community needs to get to know each other, built trust that they are who say they are, and value each other.

Curious what you think?

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By Janice      December 8, 2006 -- 01:04 PM

My eCoach is definitely something different and maybe, even though it has been developing all of these years it needed Web2.0 to help most of us think along those lines.


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By Stephanie Pierce      January 18, 2007 -- 10:18 AM
I believe you may be more inclined to participate in a blog community after some training and face to face interaction with members of the community in which you interact. The personal connection still has value even in this technological world.

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