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Clone that Survey
By Barbara Bray    January 17, 2007 -- 04:11 PM

Clone This
Our survey feature is becoming really popular. Now not only teachers, administrators, and schools are using it, but businesses and newspapers. Found out one thing that needed to work differently. When you create a survey and someone answers it, you could not go in and change the questions. Think all surveys are like that. Well, we fixed that - had to make it better than any other survey - right?. Now you can create a survey, test it, and then if you want to make changes, clone it.

A clone of that survey appears in your survey home with (clone) after the title. It is the survey with questions and no answers. You can go in, change the title, and edit the questions. If you or anyone else answers any of the questions, then the survey does not allow you to make changes to the questions. If that happens and you need to make changes, just clone it again.

Close That
Another thing people wanted was to close their survey and leave up the results. You can now close your survey.
Your survey will now appear with a link in your Survey Home, but others who have access to your survey will see the title without a link. They will only be able to view the results, have access to your profile, and be able to remove this survey from their Survey Home.

Export and Print
Some people are so used to paper - we get it. So we created an export and print hard copy feature.

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