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Universal Builder Launched!!
By Barbara Bray    January 17, 2007 -- 10:24 PM

The Universal Builder is an open-ended flexible builder that is like a project and blog combined. You can create a website and publish it as a class site, content site, lesson, unit, collaborative project, course, etc. in no time at all.

Customize your Site
Similar to a blog, you can customize your site choosing from a variety of templates.

You can even customize your site even more by adding an image to the template either as a small image on the left or as a banner to make your own look. Add links and embed code to the sidebar. You can add RSS feeds and all types of files including text, images, sound files, videos, presentations, and more using the text editor.

Like the project builders, you can align standards, add co-authors, have tips and other prompts throughout, eCoach comments, Author reflections, curriculum and search information. Much of this is optional so you do what you want. The link to the URL is available on every page.

New Features include

Planning notes (replacing the Brainstorm) where you and your co-authors can share ideas, then click the lightbulb on every page to retrieve the notes.

Now you have more control over publishing your project to your team from this builder. The URL of the project in view mode can be shared with anyone in or out of the eCoach community. Only the author’s eCoach and co-authors have access to the project in edit mode.

Clone This
Allow others to clone your project. You as the original author will be included under authors.

Just like blogs, now you can allow public comments either on one page or each page.

Depending on the template you choose, you create categories that can be tabs or links on the side navigation. Under each category, you can add and title as many pages as you need.

As you can tell - we are very excited about this builder and are looking forward to your comments. Please add links to your projects that use this exciting builder.

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Comments: Add New Comments
By Ken Bakken      February 5, 2007 -- 08:48 PM
Today the lights went on for my teachers! I made a difference because of eCoach. Having used eCoach for four years today was by far the best training day that I have ever experienced using eCoach. Why? In a few words….. the new Universal Builder! My team members were able to personalize their learning, they were able to create on the web easily, and last of all they were able to easily utilize the new Universal Builder, which saved them TIME. The participants were no longer jumping through hoops to fulfill an assignment for me; they were creating (projects) for themselves that had personal or professional value!

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