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Case Study: San Diego COE Leadership Services
By Barbara Bray    May 10, 2012 -- 09:23 AM

San Diego COE Case Study


San Diego County Office of Education supports administrators from all over the region starting with AB430 Module 3 training. SDCOE uses My eCoach as a learning management system to house the curriculum for the training. Principals are part of an online community to share and discuss leadership issues and to refer to materials they learned in the workshop.

SDCOE wanted more than a learning management system for their AB430 training. They needed an online community that was easy to use and offered ongoing coaching support. They tried multiple LMS and portals but nothing met their requirements.

One of the coaches learned about My eCoach and contacted us about how it could be used for AB430 training. When they saw that everything they needed was in one place, they jumped at it. They set up one team with all the information they needed plus a website using the Universal Builder for the Module 3 curriculum. We trained the coaches who set up and manage the online community.

The SDCOE Leadership Community runs itself now. The assistant has been trained to create and clone teams. They set up four AB430 Module 3 trainings a year. It takes less than 30 minutes for them to create a new team, clone the contents from the previous training, and adapt it for that particular training. The assistant than adds the participants and sends them an invitation all at the same time. It works and they love it. We set up a contract to archive all the teams. They also set up one large community for principals who want to continue sharing online. There are now 682 principals who successfully completed AB430 Module 3 training. Many of the principals use My eCoach tools with their staff.

"Over the last few years, I have had my tech-savvy friends and colleagues searching for a robust, interactive web portal to support the development of an interdependent learning community for site and district administrators. My eCoach was suggested as the perfect fit for the multi-dimensional support system I sought. Since then, the County Office has adopted My eCoach as the venue to house the curriculum, practicum portfolios, and sustained follow-up our state-legislated AB 430 Administrator Training Program."
~ Sheridan Barker, Ed.D, Director, Leadership Services, SDCOE

“My eCoach has provided the portal for our AB 430 training at the San Diego County Office of Education for 3.5 years. We love the access to many tools (all in one place). Simple, easy to navigate and a wonderful way to engage our principals and vice principals in an online learning community. I can never go back to training without this tool again!” February 16, 2009
~ Dr. Cynthia Chandler, Owner, Chandler Consulting and Training

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