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Featured Member June 2012
By Barbara Bray    August 7, 2012 -- 10:59 AM


Roxanne Clement, Featured Member June 2012


Library/Media Specialist, Mentor, Reading Specialist, Teacher, Technology Coordinator, Grades K-6, Bay Farm School, Alameda, CA    

Roxanne has been a member of My eCoach since 2004 and continues to use My eCoach for many of her projects, surveys, blogs, and websites. She builds in interactivity and encourages even her very young students to comment and collaborate. Roxanne is very active on social media and presents regularly to Librarians and Media Specialists around the country. We thank Roxanne for all the projects she has created for her students. We are honored to feature some of Roxanne’s projects. Here are just a few that she shares with the world:


  Media Center for Grades K-1
  Media Center for Grades 2-3

  Media Center for Grades 4-5 



  Celebrate Tanagrams!

  Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash 2012   
 What do you know about Endangered Animals?


 Earth Day 2012 



Thank you Roxanne!

Categories: "Roxanne Clement" "Librarian" "Media Specialist" "Projects" "Featured Member" "Library/media Specialist" "Mentor" "Teacher"

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