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Featured Member August 2012
By Barbara Bray    August 7, 2012 -- 09:04 PM

 Donna Blanton

  Elementary Teacher

  Pinellas Park Elementary

  Pinellas Park, Florida


Donna was introduced to My eCoach via a science grant for a collaboration project in 2006. She was so intrigued with the capabilities My eCoach had to offer to create teacher and student friendly websites that she incorporated My eCoach into all areas of her curriculum.

Donna creates surveys, blogs, quizzes, a classroom webpage and projects that include web-based learning units. Donna is always looking to keep up with todays’ demands in the ever-changing world of technology in order to keep her students engaged in learning activities. Donna says that My eCoach allows her to do this in a very entertaining way, capturing oohs and ahhs from her students.  Donna, being a mom and working with various youth groups and tutoring, also says that My eCoach’s ease of use has made it easier for her to be creative while meeting all the demands in her life. 

Mrs. Blanton’s Class 



Matter and Energy

Battle of the Books!

The Early Growth of Florida, A Journey Through Time


Professional Development

Let the Games Begin

Getting to Know My eCoach


Thanks Donna for all your contributions to teaching and learning!

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