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Great CUE Conference
By Barbara Bray    March 5, 2007 -- 08:57 PM

CUE (Computer Using Educators)- A great conference where all of us are family. Great place for a conference: Palm Springs. It seemed like around every corner was an old friend I havenít seen in a long time and then met so many new friends. Thursday I did a fun pop-up session called Feeliní Googley where everyone followed along with me doing a karaoke.  So glad I wasnít the only one singing. Donít have much of a voice even if I look like Bette.

Next session was
Web 2.0 and Fun Tools. Both audiences jumped in and participated by sharing ideas and tips. I made these websites with the Universal builder and put up areas on each page for you to share resources or add a comment.

Our booth was set up so
the team could provide personal one-to-one conversations. I really appreciate the team and all of their help in the booth: Chris Gilman, Roxanne Clement, Cynthia Sistek-Chandler, Sara Armstrong, Diana Kenney, and Leah Chandler. A big thank you to Melissa Alden for all of her work preparing for the conference. Hereís a picture of Chris and Roxanne providing personal one-to-one conversations.


Cynthia and her daughter Leah gave out hugs and smiles. Especially since now Cynthia is Dr. Cynthia - she defended her dissertation January 22nd. Yeah! to Cynthia!!!!

Leah even showed everyone how easy it is to write a blog in eCoach. Check out Leahís First Blog.

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