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Featured Member September 2012
By Barbara Bray    December 22, 2012 -- 01:39 PM



 Pam Lowe

 Curriculum Director/Instructional Facilitator

 Naylor R-2 School District

 Naylor, Missouri




I was a Missouri eMINTS fourth grade teacher when I was introduced to My eCoach in 2000. The ease of use and being able to create online resources for my students that aligned with state standards made the program the perfect tool for me.


I created many online resources, an e-portofolio and as I grew as an educator and began presenting workshops to schools and teachers, I began to use My eCoach for my presentations. One classroom project my students particularly enjoyed was our introduction to poetry based on Sharon Creech’s book, “Love That Dog”.  Our project, “Love That Poem” allowed me to post my students’ first poems and their voice recordings reading their poems. We also used this tool as we recorded and posted daily news from our classroom that we called Podbytes.


Currently as a Curriculum Director, I use My eCoach to inform teachers of resources available for particular holidays or events for the classroom. I have also created a service learning project called, “Dare Mighty Things”.


The versatility of My eCoach is demonstrated in how it has grown along with me as an educator. In each stage of my education career, My eCoach has been there, whether I was a teacher, presenter or Curriculum Director and Instructional Facilitator allowing me to make connections with other educators and my students in a professional manner. 


Some additional projects:

Change Your World
depth of knowledge Depth of Knowledge
Dr. Seuss hat Suess-sational Resources

Categories: "Emints" "Teacher" "Missouri" "Pam Lowe" "Curriculum" "Facilitator"

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