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Create and Link Quizzes
By Barbara Bray    May 17, 2007 -- 08:28 AM

Now when you create a project for your students, add a link to a quiz that you create using the Quiz tool. Many of our members were creating their quizzes in word and uploading them so they werenít interactive.  You will be able to pull up each respondentís quiz and find the percentages answering specific questions. This is data you can really use right away that will help you design the next quiz. Itís easy!
  1. Title the quiz with a description.
  2. Customize it with a logo.
  3. Invite another eCoach member as a co-author.
  4. Add as many questions as you would like before publishing. A comment box can be added to any of the type of questions:
    Yes or No
    Multiple Choice
    True or False
    Numerical Scale
    Likert Scale
    Short Answer
    Long Answer
  5. Change the order of the questions.
  6. Invite one or more people, your team(s), or select public for people outside of eCoach like your students to take the quiz.
  7. Clone your survey (available to authors) to adapt for another project.
  • One URL is available to take the quiz
  • Another URL to view the quiz results

Create a survey and then let us know what you think?

Categories: "Quizzes" "Assessment"

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