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Online Facilitation Certification Course
By Barbara Bray    July 19, 2007 -- 07:00 PM

Are you looking to create an online course, facilitate an existing course, or develop and sustain an online community? Ever have a problem keeping participants motivated or staying in your community? How about encouraging online participants to share and collaborate?

We developed this five week course to give you the skills, tips, and resources you need to become an effective online facilitator and to provide an online community for facilitators.

First Session begins August 1st and goes to September 4th, 2007 (30 hours). Course Content includes:

  • Building Trust
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Goal Setting
  • Learning Theories
  • eCoaching
  • Building Community
  • Digital Awareness
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Case Studies
  • ePortfolios
  • Action Plan
Participants will create an ePortfolio using the Universal builder that demonstrates evidence of their effectiveness as online faclitators. Each participant will become a lifetime member of the eCoach community through this course. You won’t believe how little this course costs, and, if you are already a member of the eCoach community, the cost is even less. Sign up here.

There is an optional sixth week to become a Certified eCoach to learn how to set up and manage a team in the eCoach community. (additional fees apply)

Certified eCoaches receive discounts in setting up teams, opportunities for eCoach connections and building revenue, and much more.

Categories: "Ecoaching" "Facilitation"

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By Manette Crawford      July 28, 2007 -- 08:39 AM
Would really like to take this course but do not have the money right now. Will it be offered again?

Reply to Manette Crawford

By small Barbara Bray      July 28, 2007 -- 08:57 AM
Hi Manette - Yes we will be offering this course regularly. We want to offer the eCoaches in our community who have not gone through training a cost-effective and time-saving way to get the help and support they need. Many of them asked us to create a course for them. Then others who use Web 2.0 tools mentioned a course just for anyone who tries to keep a course or community going. Since you have been a member of eCoach for a long time, I really would like your feedback. Thanks!

Reply to Barbara Bray

By Nancy      August 1, 2007 -- 08:59 AM
Who is/are the course leaders?

Reply to Nancy

By small Barbara Bray      August 1, 2007 -- 09:10 AM
The course leaders are Janice Friesen, Ken Bakken, and me (Barbara Bray). However we hope that everyone participating helps with leading and sharing.

Reply to Barbara Bray


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