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How do you support new teachers?
By Barbara Bray    November 8, 2007 -- 02:53 PM

The East Bay BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support) Alameda BTSA program is designed for new teachers to be successful with their teaching practice with the guidance of their Support Providers. The Program Coordinators, Theresa Anderberg, Shirley Clem, and Teri Olsen with support from Diana Kenney, District Technology Instructional Specialist, designed an online learning environment in My eCoach that included communication, coaching, resources, project builders, induction standard 16, and a digital drop box. They set up one team for Support Providers with the Program Coordinators as eCoaches as the area to discuss concerns, work out strategies to support their teachers, and more. Another team was set up for all of the participating teachers (PTs) and Support Providers (SPs).

Karen Faizi, Administrative Secretary, keeps the BTSA calendar up-to-date while Shirley regulary changes the Team pages with support from Theresa. Diana follows their lead, designed and maintains the CFASST Projects and updated resource pages and training materials and comes up with innovative projects such as the Induction Digital Drop Box. All of these were designed with the new Universal Builder.

All BTSA and induction forms were digitized and are available in several areas on the team pages, CFASST Year 1 and 2, Technology Integration Nuggets, and more.

The Program Coordinators created CFASST Year 1 with all of the materials included and then cloned it for Year 2. There is a way to hide pages in the Universal Builder under Preferences, so the Program Coordinators show the materials when it is appropriate to supplement the face-to-face meetings.

Diana has put together resources that align to the district's textbooks for all grade levels.

The Digital Drop Box was created with the Universal builder and PTs can clone the original and adapt it with their own evidence.

Comments from SPs and PTs are welcome. If you are a new teacher or BTSA provider, curious what you think.

Categories: "New Teachers" "Coaching" "Induction" "Mentoring"

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By Christiane      November 16, 2007 -- 01:49 PM
I am so excited with this new resource for new teachers!!! Thank you so much!!!

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By small Laura Smith      November 26, 2007 -- 07:55 PM
As a BTSA SP in another district, I am impressed with your efforts!  You can almost have your meetings online.

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