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New eCoach Partner: CILC
By Barbara Bray    November 29, 2007 -- 08:02 AM

My eCoach is pleased to announce that the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) is a new partner. Established in 1994, CILC specializes in videoconferencing and collaboration technologies to deliver all types of programs to K-12 students and educators. As CILC continues to build their cadre of professional development content providers, their subject matter experts will utilize My eCoach to create online learnng communities to continue dialogue and provide ongoing professional support and coaching. Go to to find out more about CILC.

About CILC
Established in 1994, the nonprofit Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) supports and advances learning through videoconferencing and other collaborative technologies. CILC offers access to quality professional development and student educational content, as well as consulting and technical assistance. This helps schools leverage technology to improve educational outcomes, while saving time and money.

My eCoach is excited about this unique partnership to offer videoconferencing expertise and extensive programming as another spoke in the ever expanding "learning communities" wheel.

Categories: "Partnership" "Collaboration" "Videoconferencing"

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By Joey Serim      December 31, 2007 -- 11:08 AM
I am very interested in learning more about CILC, both as a participant and potential coach.
Collaborative learning opportunities are scarce in New Mexico, and I would welcome this opportunity to expand my association with other growing educators.

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