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Citation Builder
By Barbara Bray    May 20, 2008 -- 03:48 PM

We encourage our members to cite all of their sources. So now you can use the eCoach Citation Builder instead of going out to another site. We are listening to our members and basing our research and development on member requests. You can find the citation builder in your toolkit:


Fill in the form with the information from the website you wish to cite:

Create Citation

Save and add more

After you save your citations, they are available in your locker under My Citations. You can then copy and paste any citation into your work. We will eventually be creating a way for you to embed the citations with the resource in your project.  Keep checking back!

Categories: "Citations" "Information Literacy"

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By small Charles Cummins      June 25, 2008 -- 10:10 AM
I appreciate this citation tool, as many times this presents a real challange to me.

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