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Check out our New Look
By Barbara Bray    September 3, 2008 -- 08:12 AM

We figured it was time for a new look when you first come to My eCoach.

We needed new color schemes, sample projects, and pop-ups. The pop-ups give you an overview of some of the features. We have so many features now all in one place that you may not be aware of them. So click on some of these like how to create surveys. We’ll be making more including showing you how you can make pop-ups just like these.

Categories: "Change" "My Ecoach"

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By Dennis      September 16, 2008 -- 08:10 AM
Green has always been one of my favorite colors. It is an earth-sign color. Go Green!

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By Coach Cynthia      September 18, 2008 -- 10:48 PM
Love the Green and floating sections. I will look forward to creating a rubric soon!

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