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Certificated eCoaches
By Barbara Bray    September 9, 2008 -- 11:08 AM

We set up a new program for eCoaches who wanted to market themselves, their programs, and any services they provide. You can check out who our Certificated eCoaches are and what they created in eCoach. Some of our eCoaches will be offering free teams for members. Keep checking back to see more examples of their work and ideas for new projects in eCoach.

We will be offering Certificated eCoach workshops in the near future. If you are interested, please add a comment below.

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By N Witick      November 6, 2008 -- 06:17 AM
Sure! I'm always interested in more professional development ideas!

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By small Barbara Bray      November 6, 2008 -- 07:15 AM
Hi Nancy,

It is nice to have you join us in the eCoach community. A Certificated eCoach is someone who has already learned the features in eCoach and been an eCoach for their own community. They will be creating a team for the community that they will promote using some of our marketing tools. I'm not sure you want to do that yet.

You can learn how to do this on your own and use the Universal builder that you can give to your teachers. We do have the Tennessee and NETS standards so you can align any project you create with those. I suggest trying the Universal builder (another ex: Penguins) and a survey for your teachers,  add some friends in eCoach, tag yourself, and use the message center for communication before you decide to become an eCoach. Ken is going to be launching his team soon on how to create a website using the Universal builder. As a member, you'll be able to take that for free.

If you want to set up a team for your school, then we can help you do that. But there is a cost for the training on the eCoaching tools. Let me know if you are interested. Call us at 925-284-8033 or message me directly 
Thanks - Barbara

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