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Changes and Updates in eCoach to Date
By Barbara Bray    November 20, 2008 -- 07:29 PM

Left Navigation
The left navigation has been changed and streamlined. My Community is where you can find Certificated eCoaches and other community resources. This is where you can find events, conversations, your teams if you are on any teams. The Message Center is the glue that connects all the features and people in eCoach.

My Locker is where all of your work is stored. We moved My Locker next because some eCoach members were going to My Toolkit that used to be in this area to start new blogs instead of adding posts to the blog they started. We encourage everyone to check their work first before starting any new project, blog, or survey.

We changed the name to Toolkit. These are your tools and where you start a new Universal builder, citation, survey, quiz, etc. We added Web 2.0+ with organized links to tools that work with eCoach.

Combined Features on Home Page
We combined the separate boxes for the Featured Projects, eLibrary Spotlight, and Tips and Tricks into one box. Now the content rotates randomly. Projects published to the eLibrary after being peer reviewed or by the author’s eCoach are reviewed by our team of curriculum specialists and then sent to the featured database. Resources in the eLibrary go through a similar review process. Tips are about eCoach features, coaching strategies, teaching ideas, and how to use other programs. We welcome your tips that you can send to

Recent Activities
The ten most recent activities that are public or from anyone on your team now appear on your right sidebar in your home. Click view all recent activities to view or filter every activity so you can limit the activities to type or team.

Pictures Everywhere
My eCoach is a learning community with real people who want to connect and share. We encourage everyone to upload their picture to their profile. That picture shows up now in Who’s Online, with your recent activities, with your Friends’ lists, and more.

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