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Introducing the New Inside Ticket
By Barbara Bray    June 16, 2006 -- 01:07 PM

Welcome to the new Inside Ticket as a public blog! We thought that if we were going to do a newsletter - why not as a blog that we can broadcast as a RSS feed for the eCoach community or anyone on the Internet?

How does it work to create a public blog? If you are a member of My eCoach, you can create a public blog that is published as your own website. Login and click Blogs. Click create using the Blog wizard. Choose from a variety of templates:

Choose the access level so people can either read or comment on your blog.

Use this as your entry point and log in to My eCoach from here.

Add favorite links.

Upload podcasts without a lot of work.

Include any type of file to share. Community members can also add files if you allow it.

Free accounts can create personal blogs. Not sure everyone is aware that when you become a member either as an individual, through a course, or join a team, you are now a lifetime member. Really! This blog is at or check out my blog at

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