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New Look
By Barbara Bray    April 27, 2009 -- 08:35 AM

Lots of exciting things are happening with My eCoach. One is our new look. After 12 years with the same logo, we thought it was time to change to represent people helping each other and coaching.

My eCoach provides tools all in one place but itís not the tools that make My eCoach. Itís the people, the coaching, and that My eCoach is an umbrella larger community for all the members. There are loads of free tools available and My eCoach is free if all you want is access to many of the features. My eCoach is a Web 2.0 tool.

We will be changing the front and inside of My eCoach soon. In fact, we are redoing many of our pages to represent all the new updates and more of a focus on coaching. We know we cannot do everything and grow and learn from our members. Please share any ideas and comments below.

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