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Search for Members
By Barbara Bray    May 16, 2009 -- 10:37 AM

Are you looking for someone with similar interests that you can collaborate with on a project? You can now search for members either from within your own community or the entire My eCoach community. On the top of the right sidebar, there is a link to Search for Members.

You can search by name, email (even just the domain name), title, city, state, country, school, district, grade, curriculum, and tags.

Your search results will give you a way to add members to your friends list and send them a message. Here is a search using the tag "storytelling" and only brought up 4 people. When members add tags to their profiles, then people can find them. We encourage you to fill out your profile, upload your picture, and add tags that represent what you are interested in. You can add as many tags as you would like.

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