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My eCoach To Create a Builder for the New Teacher Center
By Barbara Bray    July 1, 2006 -- 07:19 AM

My eCoach is working with the New Teacher Center (NTC)  at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) to develop a new online environment and toolkit for coaching school administrators.

My eCoach will work closely with NTC ís School Leadership Development Division to plan, design, and develop an Individual Development Plan builder (IDP). The new IDP builder will allow NTC coaches to virtually coach individual new administrators. Administrators will take a Pre-Assessment Survey based on the California Professional Standards For Educational Leaders (CPSELS), and use survey results and other data to set professional growth goals. The IDP builder will support ongoing interaction between coaches and new administrators, as well as the creation of reflections and uploading of artifacts by new administrators that help demonstrate the achievement of professional goals and standards.

 "We are very pleased to work with the New Teacher Center to design an online environment that incorporates their coaching strategies. Our mission of building online learning communities that focus on coaching complements NTCís mission to support the development of highly qualified teachers and school administrators using its mentor-based induction model."

About the New Teacher Center

The New Teacher Center at the University of California, Santa Cruz (NTC)  is a national resource focused on teacher and administrator induction. Americaís schools
are now welcoming record numbers of new educators. Typically, new teachers are placed in the most difficult classes in the neediest schools. Not surprisingly, many of their educational careers will not survive this trial by fire. In contrast, the New Teacher Centerís induction program, the Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project, has a demonstrable record of achievement, with long-term new teacher retention rates as high as 89%, as  compared to a nationwide dropout rate of nearly 50%.

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