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Class Teams
By Barbara Bray    July 28, 2009 -- 12:55 PM

Teachers can now set up Class Teams as an eTeacher for up to 40 students per team for the calendar school year right in My eCoach. This gives their students access to all of the features in My eCoach. Students can create team blogs where they can share links and resources, participate in confidential threaded discussions, create, co-author, and publish websites, presentations, and surveys, and use a secure messaging system.

A new team eTeachers are setting up are eKids Class Teams. This is where the eTeacher manages either a Generation Yes team or other types of student techies. These eKids learn My eCoach tools are assigned to and support teachers creating class sites or their own class teams.

Russ Knopp managed a sixth grade team last year and plans to set up another class team for his new class this year. He is also a Gen Y teacher and is looking forward to setting up his eKids team.

"I am looking forward to creating and conducting an eTeacher team to teach students in our Gen Yes program to provide training and help for our K-12 staff learning to use Universal Builder to create, update, and maintain a classroom website and learning projects featuring Web 2.0+.  It doesn’t get any better than empowering student learning by inviting them to teach."

Teachers will automatically be placed on a free eTeacher team where step-by-step instructions on team set up and use will be provided. To sign up, visit the My eCoach store and select Class Team. $100 for existing My eCoach members; $135 for teachers without a membership.

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