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My Personal Space Video Tutorial
By Sara Zimmerman    October 13, 2009 -- 04:30 PM

Have you ever wondered what that area called "My Personal Space" is at the bottom of your home page? This is an editable section that you can customize however you like. Ken Bakken, a Certificated eCoach, takes us on a tour of how you can personalize this space with easy-to-access links to Web 2.0 tools and My eCoach projects. Watch this short 2.5 minute video to learn more.

Categories: "My Personal Space" "Home Page" "Tools All In One Place" "Edit Homepage" "Video" "Ken Bakken"

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By small Ronarae Adams      October 20, 2009 -- 08:44 PM
So, Sheryl, will this be helpful when our candidates want to upload a video segment for review and feedback... how many minutes ?  Thank you for sharing and perhaps I need to pass this on to our community members in an announcement?!

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