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New Search Feature: Easily search keywords, tags, and more from every page
By Sara Zimmerman    October 27, 2009 -- 10:36 AM

New Search menu Trying to find projects or pages in My eCoach with specific keywords or tags? Now you can easily search from every page within My eCoach with our new search menu.

This drop down menu is located near the top of the right-hand bar above the list of your friends and recent projects. Click and select to search for your keywords and tags from public blogs, bulletins, eLibrary, eLibrary Spotlight, Featured Projects, members, surveys, tags, and Tips and Tricks.

Some pages will allow you to refine your search. Select from the "Advanced Search" or "Refine Search" to add filters. Pages and/or projects with the desired keyword(s) and/or tag(s) will appear with the word(s) highlighted in yellow. Select from the title to open that page.

Categories: "Search" "Advanced Search" "Refine Search" "Tags" "Keywords"

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