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Featured Project: Noemi Ban's Journey to Taipei American School (TAS)
By Sara Zimmerman    November 19, 2009 -- 02:07 PM

Noemi Ban's Journey to Taipei American School (TAS)

NoemiBan Last month we featured a blog by eCoach Ken Bakken about his trip escorting Holocaust survivor, Noemi Ban, to Taipei to talk with students about her Holocaust experience. Ken created Noemi Ban's Journey to Taipei American School (TAS) as an interactive project documenting Noemi's trip and as a place to host student reflections.

The project Ken created in our Universal Builder discusses how Ms. Ban spoke to over a thousand students and parents during her four day visit. Her impact on the students was inspirational and life changing for many. It includes podcasts of Ms. Ban's answers to student questions during small discussion groups. This project is matched to NTCE and NETS-S standards and has a list of relevant web, book and multimedia resource

Categories: "Holocaust" "Taipei"

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