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Leadership Coaching Scholarship
By Sara Zimmerman    November 19, 2009 -- 02:10 PM

Leadership Coaching Scholarship
Apply 11/20/09 through 12/31/09

Do you have a coaching program where your literacy, math, or technology coach needs an online community and support to supplement their face-to-face coaching? We are offering a coaching scholarship to one school or district that includes:
  • virtual training for one coach to become the eCoach
  • lifetime memberships for the eCoach and ten teachers
  • a team with coaching tools for three years
  • five hours virtual coaching for the eCoach
To apply for this scholarship, you must: Leadership Team
  • be a leader of an educational group/organization (i.e. principal, teacher leader, technology coordinator,  dean, district administrator, etc.)
  • a My eCoach member
  • join our free Leadership Team
  • fill out an application survey from the "Scholarship" tab on the Leadership team page in 250 words or less why you are the best candidate to receive the coaching program before 12/31/09
Questions? or 800.633.2248

Categories: "Leadership Coaching Scholarship" "Coaching" "Scholarship" "My Ecoach"

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