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My eCoach services are covered by EETT funding
By Sara Zimmerman    November 19, 2009 -- 02:11 PM

My eCoach services are covered by EETT funding

EETT grant.orgWhat is EETT?
EETT is a 2-year grant. A minimum of 25 percent of the total grant award must be spent on that provides teachers with the capacity to high-quality professional developmentintegrate technology effectively into curricula and instruction to promote student achievement. more...

How can My eCoach help?
If you have EETT funding or are going to apply for other educational grant funding, then write My eCoach into your grant. Our services directly match EETT (and other) grant requirements and have been successful in similar programs worldwide. Contact us today if you have questions or need help working us into your grant.

Categories: "Eett Funding" "Eett" "E2t2" "Grants" "My Ecoach"

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