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New Standards Added
By Sara Zimmerman    December 15, 2009 -- 12:14 PM

We have state and national content, professional and technology standards, skill sets and curriculum guides. You can add and view standards from your locker and match standards to any lessons or projects you create. We have recently added some new national standards:
  • 21st Century Skills
  • IRA/NCTE Standards for the English Language Arts
  • Instructional Design Competencies
  • Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium Standards (INTASC)
  • ISLLC (Standards for School Leaders)
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • National Standards for Quality Online Teaching (iNACOL)
  • NBCT: The Five Core Propositions
  • PTP Portfolio Assessment System
  • NETS-A (National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators) 2009
  • NETS-T (National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers) 2008
  • NETS-S (National Educational Technology Standards for Students) 2007
We are also updating many of the state standards. The first state standards to be updated soon is Washington Math and Science standards. When members match their lessons, projects, or ePortfolios to any of the standards, there is a magnifying glass listed with the standard. Click on the magnifying glass and up pops resources and projects that might align or match to that standard.

Make sure you check your state or national standards to see if they are current and in correctly. We want this to work for you so the resources and projects are relevant for you and your students.

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