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Tip: Fun with photos
By Sara Zimmerman    January 28, 2010 -- 09:54 AM

I found a fun site that lets you change the way you present your photo. Think about a different way to post to your profile on My eCoach or Facebook. Photofunia is free and very easy to use. It is an online photo editing tool that gives you a fun filled experience. You upload any photo and just wait to see the magic. The technology automatically identifies the face in the photo and letís you add cool photo effects and create funny face photo montages.

You donít have to login to try it. Choose an effect.

After you choose an effect, Photofunia converts your picture with that effect. You can put your picture on a hundred dollar bill...
or do a little Andy Warhol in a museum to your picture...

Okay - this might a little scary to you to see me up on a wall like this, but just imagine your students sharing pictures in this way. How fun that would be! After you create a picture, you can either save it or even create an avatar with it.
There are labs, a blog, and you can check out all the other faces people have uploaded. Hereís my favorite effect.
Why donít you try uploading your picture and see what you like the best?

Categories: "Fun Photo Alteration" "Tip"

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