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New Universal Builder Themes
By Barbara Bray    February 23, 2010 -- 08:24 PM

We have been busy creating new themes for lessons or websites using our Universal Builder. Several organizations using our teams requested different themes for projects, ePortfolios, and lessons so we went to work. Some themes will be exclusive for select teams and available soon for those teams only.


We are offering all of our new themes to our lifetime and trial members until March 30th.  Go to the Customize tab and check out some of the new themes and try one or two.

Grunge Theme

Contemporary - Teal and Orange

Primary Patriot


Ladybug Theme

We want you to have some fun and play with our themes. Some of our themes look better without images added to the banners. Come on in and try our new themes!! We will be adding more on a regular basis.

Categories: "Themes" "Templates" "Universal Builder" "Websites" "Customize" "Design"

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