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Customize Look and Feel
By Barbara Bray    May 18, 2010 -- 08:44 AM

When you login to My eCoach, you can change what you see and how My eCoach looks and feels. After you login, go to the inbox at the top right or your profile.

After you click Settings, click on Look and Feel.

This will open some new looks and themes that you can choose from. The default is the teal theme that you were assigned when you first join My eCoach. I had changed my look to an olive green theme. Thought it was time to change it to a more neutral color.
Scroll through all the different themes and choose another theme. Then choose if you want to keep the icons or not.
Then click Save to change your look and feel. Here’s what I see now when I logins. Only I see this look. Every member can change their own look and feel as often as they want to change it.

Categories: "Look" "Feel" "Customize" "My Ecoach"

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