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Winners of April's Teacher's Contest
By Sara Zimmerman    May 21, 2010 -- 08:32 AM

Why do you love to teach? We asked teachers to tell us in 250 words or less what excites them to teach. The three winners' names and answers are:

  • "I love teaching because I can make a difference in the life of a child. If I can bring a smile to a child's face, I consider myself successful, especially if that child was not easy to smile before you met her. I love teaching because it gives me the opportunity to reinvent myself on behalf of children who need my help in discovering the world. I love teaching because it brings hope to humanity when I can inspire a child to not throw garbage on the playground, thus helping the world one action at a time." ~ Christiane Brossi, Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Teacher
  • "One word: KIDS. When I am tired from my 10 month old twins staying up all night, the 7th graders in my first hour class say something totally dorky and make me laugh. When I am worried about paying bills, my 8th hour eighth graders come in with a "WAZZZZZUUUUPPP" and make me remember that if THEY are happy to be in class, I should be happy too! It's a great job, seeing someone accomplish their goals reminds me every day that I am in the right place. Teaching isn't about me, it's about the kids, and that's the lesson that I have learned. All the degrees and certifications in the world mean less than the smile and high five of a student. That's why I love to teach." ~ Tiffany Blasdel, 7th and 8th grade Physical Education Teacher, 8th grade volleyball coach, 7th grade basketball coach
  • "Wow! I love teaching as much as breathing! Those AHA! moments make it all worthwhile, as do the quizzical ones. Those times when they are “lost” are my invitation to give them an infusion of self-esteem. It is then when I push the envelope, set the bar higher, but also strengthen them with “user friendly” strategies that support them along each step. The linguistic leaps take place at different times for each student, so the aha….ring continually; a harmony rivaling Ravel, en espanol! Their attempts are my adrenaline, my raison d’être, my daily gracias a Dios! Nothing rattles my second-language teacher armor more than those misguided arrows flashing, “I’m just not good at languages!” To which I retort, “Which? English? Your native tongue? You sound pretty good to me!” With a suggestion to put on seatbelts and ready for a bumpy ride that will find many smooth roads, students and I embark daily on a joy ride! Over verb conjugation pot holes, Pepto Bismal irregular verbs, virgin infinitives, 15 mile limit vocabulary – eventually all lead them to exit on Dual-Language Drive going full speed ahead! Soon they find their windmills are conquerable after all and reading BBC Mundo is no longer foreign. I pay tribute to those who taught me to teach with patience, gentleness, humor, and above all respect and love. I salute colleagues for whom deciphering early writing attempts are akin to a Sisyphus task, and muffled voices hide genuine creative language. Do I love it? YOU BET!" ~ Mary Louise Castillo, Spanish Teacher
Congratulations to these teachers who won a lifetime membership to the New Theme Team. We also received a wonderful comment from a student:
  • "I love to teach because it always gives you the happiness of getting to be able to teach to other people about things they don't know. Also that the person or people get really excite about and want to learn more. I love to encourage people to do things that are fun, exciting and good to learn I myself am not a teacher though. I'm a 13 year old boy that is using this program so that later on it will help a lot. But anybody can teach really. What is so cool about my-ecoach is that you can create many things and organize your stuff. So I encourage all you teachers out there to learn more and be more creative and enjoy my-ecoach." ~ Ian
For his wonderful comment, he won a Lifetime Membership to My eCoach and a lifetime membership to the New Theme Team. Thanks for your comments!

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