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Interactive Whiteboard Basics
By Sara Zimmerman    July 21, 2010 -- 04:33 PM

Interactive whiteboards are now used on the computer as way to extend learning with your students. There are a few basics that teachers and students need to know when they can use an interactive whiteboard. These tips were adapted from Smart Board Basics:
  1. Calibrate your interactive whiteboard.
    • Turn on your interactive whiteboard and press the keyboard and right mouse click mouse button together. This will start the calibration tool.
    • Pick up one of the pens, press it against the middle of the target that appears on your board, and release. Repeat this procedure until all the targets have been selected.

  2. Use your whiteboard like your mouse or trackpad.
    • Tap on the board is like a left click on your mouse.
    • Double tap on the board is like double clicking.
    • A right click on the mouse can be done by pressing and holding one spot on the board or by clicking the right click button on your pen tray, and then touching the board.
    • Drag and drop items on the board by touching an object and draging it where you want to move it on the board.
    • Type on the whiteboard by pressing the keyboard button on the pen tray to access the on-screen keyboard or type directly from your computer keyboard.

  3. Use the pens on the whiteboard.
    • Pick a pen up and you will notice an ink layer frame appear around you board.
    • Write, draw or annotate whatever is on your screen. When the frame appears, you will not be able to scroll down the page, so make sure you have what you want on the screen before you pick up a pen.
    • The interactive whiteboard remembers the last pen you pick up from the tray. Once you take a pen from the tray, you can write with the pen, your finger or other objects with the color of the pen you chose.

  4. Erase your work on the whiteboard.
    • Put any pens you are using back in the pen tray.
    • Use the eraser like a normal board eraser.
    • Clear all your writing at once by touching the board with your finger, and selecting ‘Clear Ink’. Alternatively, you will notice 3 icons in the top right hand corner of your board. Click the icon that looks like a piece of paper with a sun on it on the right hand corner of the board to delete all your notes.
    • Draw a complete circle around your work with the eraser, and then tap in the middle of it to delete everything in the circle.

  5. Save your work from the whiteboard.
    • Touch the board once and select ‘Save Ink.
    • Click the camera in the top right hand corner of your board.
    • Then select ‘File’ and ‘Save’ to save your work.

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