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RSS as Professional Development?
By Barbara Bray    April 24, 2007 -- 08:23 AM

What does Professional Development mean to you? I was reading through different blogs on community, pd, Web 2.0, and decided that with Web 2.0, community can mean anything to you and maybe something completely different to me. So how does community fit with PD? I see how Dean Shareski explains the whole ďprofessional development via RSSĒ idea. Cool!

Why not pull our thoughts using RSS? Subscribe to each otherís blogs - add comments. Research blog on different components of professional development that you are interested in:
  • adult learning
  • building communities (yes - I changed the title of this blog)
  • eCoaching
  • assessment
  • differentiating instruction
  • and so on
I am a professional developer - write about it in a column - tips for But I find that PD is unique to each person. How many of you do standup and deliver worshops? I have attended some fantastic workshops - speeches by the best. Checked out their websites - signed up for RSS. Try to read everything. Is RSS the way to go to keep on top of what is happening in the education world? Iím a little overwhelmed. Itís like drinking from a firehose. (Heard this before - but now itís hitting home)

How can you filter what you need?
Which blogs do you add to your list?
Which ones do you comment on?
What are you interested in?
What do you want to learn for your own PD?

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