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rethought the title
By Barbara Bray    May 7, 2007 -- 08:26 AM

I keep rethinking what learning is all about - so thought - why not change the title of this blog? I know that my focus is on professional development but I think professional development needs to change to reflect learning for students and teachers and administrators and parents and... everyone.

This digital landscape is affecting every facet of our lives especially learning. Iím putting this out there to shake things up - do we need schools? At least the schools we have today?

I read Marc Prenskyís article in Educational Leadership "Listen to the Natives" and see this with people under 25. I see them txt msging and canít figure it out. Canít even vote on American Idol because I use the old technology - the phone.

What happens if your class assignment goes global and you were the last to find out? Forget delivering another PowerPoint presentation on the technical semantics of Web 2.0 to your colleagues at a faculty meeting or the local school board trying to figure out what all this blogging and podcasting is all about. [Source] Check out Dylanís Couch Episode 8 to walk through his 8th grade history assignment. 

Categories: "Digital Native"

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